Primavera BSS

Business Impulse 2017

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Business Impulse is another regular event held by Primavera BSS, focusing on the business side of their activity.

For this edition, we wanted to create a playful and flexible graphic system, with no strict guidelines, and where we could play around with the different brand assets. The colour palette was kept simple, with roughly two colours. This would help to bring out a higher sense of unity within that apparently lose system.

For the “symbol” we took inspiration from trigonometry. The sine (and cosine) wave is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth periodic oscillation, as given by a sine function. The resulting curve is mesmerizing, and just a perfect metaphor to illustrate the the ups and downs of business cycles. A segment from this wave was used as the key asset of the event’s identity, replacing the "m" in the logotype and thus working as a symbol.

In order to lend a more dynamic character to the brand, and the event, we created a few looping animations, inspired by the kinetic feel attached to the symbol. Although very simple, these turned out to be quite eye-catching, adding an extra layer of possibilities to the package, helping to stand out and create an impact amongst the audience.